Kingdom Services Unit


Kingdom Services has many years of experience performing high-quality technical support for products. Our provide a suite of service offers that includes Network Design, Networking Equipment Supply, Technical Support, Software Development and System Integration. Kingdom Technologies is committed to provide the highest standards of full range services and supports in long-term: Consultancy Services, Equipment Supply, Installation and Maintenance. This implementation services incorporate a carefully planned approach, tailored to meet each customer’s requirements 


Regardless of the size or scope of a particular project, Kingdom applies a consistent methodology to ensure that the highest standards of excellence are met. Our rigorous approach to project management optimizes quality, consistency and timeliness of delivery. We provide solutions that enable our customers to grow and manage their e-commerce business as effectively as possible. 


“See for Yourself”

Kingdom Services offers a variety of in-house or customer site trainning that cover a wide range of topics from basic operations to complex material processing and customization. Our trainning consists of standard and custom trainning programs to address a customers specific requirement.



Kingdom Services handle everything for you when it comes to imports or exports via ocean or air freight, courier services or trucks. Should you require goods from different manufacturers, we also provide consolidated shipments. We coordinate with the suppliers, buffer the different delivery times via our warehouses and ship everything to you in one grouped shipment. International transit trade is also included in our comprehensive range of services. We take care of everything, such as insurance, customs clearance, purchasing, financing as well as acting as your commission agent all over the world. 


” Investment Saving Way of satisfying concurrent needs”

Leasing instead of buying can help you free up your cash flow, spread payments over time as well as enjoy other benefits that come with leasing. Protecting a company from technological change and possible obsolescence. Operating profits come from the use of the equipment, not ownership of it. Structured to match the cash flow needs of your business.


Let us simplify and connect your supply chain from end to end!  

Kingdom Services offer complete warehouse services to take care of all your needs. We receive, store, pack, track and ship your products. Our warehouse management system provides full control of the movement and storage of materials in the warehouse and in your supply chain 

Kingdom Services is giving you a fast, reliable and regular connection to all corners of Vietnam