Special offers during the COVID-19 pandemic for Work From HOME

Mitel Solutions for WORK from HOME or WORK from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME

Remote Working Solutions

Stay connected with employees and stakeholders. Whether your organization is facing an unexpected event, like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or simply offering flexibility for your workforce, today’s remote working technologies make it easy for teams to stay productive wherever they are

Everyone can work from anywhere, anytime;

Everyone can just login to their office network from anywhere, and use the PC-softphone to handle all the calls.

While the sales are on the road, they can still receive the office calls via their Mobile-softphone.

The features are the SAME as MiVoice Business Standard/Enterprise, except it only support up to 500 users

This is a 100% software solution and it gives the customer with FULL UCC capability. to promote to all customers… Mitel offers the Bundle Packages

Bundle 1 - 30 Users + 5 SIP Trunks + 8 NuPoint + 12 ports of AWV Audio Ports + MBG (DMZ)


Bundle 2 - 50 Users + 10 SIP Trunks + 9 NuPoint + 14 ports of AWV Audio Ports + MBG (DMZ)


Bundle 3 - 100 Users + 20 SIP Trunks + 11 NuPoint + 19 ports of AWV Audio Ports + MBG (DMZ)

START SELLING…. The offer ends on 30th June’2022.

Please contact us to have the information in detail