PMS and CDR Solutions

Property Management Systems (PMS) Hotel

All-in-one hotel software suite- reservations, front desk, sales and marketing, catering/event management, restaurant/gift shop POS, GDS/CRS, online booking, PCI compliant payment processing. Luxury inns, resorts, conference centers. Solid, smart, affordable products from dedicated people who understand the unique challenges of the hospitality industry. Live 24/7 support. We've been providing hospitality solutions for serveral years

Call Detail Record (CDR) Software

Whether using a legacy PBX (public branch exchange) system or a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system, most telephone networks generate call detail records (CDR). Usually these come at the end of the call, but with modern developments, this data is now available during the call. Information generated by Call Detail Records includes time, date, call duration, number dialed, caller ID information, extension, line/trunk location, cost, call completion status and more.

The greatest benefit of CDR is perhaps in telecom expense management. Call detail records, both local and long distance, can be used for usage verification, billing reconciliation, network management and to monitor telephone usage to determine volume of phone usage, as well as abuse of your company's telephone system. CDR's are an asset in managing long distance telephone costs and aid in the planning for future telecommunications needs.